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As a youth, Steve Loporchio would watch the drag boat races at Long Beach Marine Stadium. He was in awe of the boats and the people who drove them, often dreaming about driving one himself.

In 1984 his dream came true, as this long time race fan took his ski boat, named FOOL’S PARADISE, to a National Jet Boat Association race (NJBA). He entered a bracket class and managed to win the first round before losing in the second. That was all he needed, he was hooked. In 1987 he built a new boat and moved up in class to Pro Gas Flatbottom, competing in the International Hot Boat Association (IHBA). There he began to succeed, winning three Championships.

In 1997 Steve moved up in class again, parking his boat to drive Kim Garcia’s BLURRED VISION Top Alcohol Flatbottom. Together they won 9 out of 15 races ( Four in his rookie season!) along with back to back Championships. 

Steve left the BLURRED VISION Team in the middle of the 1999 season and, while looking for a ride, sat out the 2000 season as well as most of  2001. He  landed in the driver's seat of Dave Ferguson's new BIG TROUBLE Top Alcohol Flat. After shaking down the new boat , Dave decided he wanted to return to the driver's seat and Steve was out looking for a new ride again. 

Steve  learned that the exposure he got from racing was good for business. Loporchios Silkscreening has since become a Contingency Sponsor at all IHBA National and Divisional races.